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Cuddle Comfort Therapy – Safe and Anonymous

Cuddle Comfort Therapy has been associated with improvements in various aspects of mental health.

When done right, cuddle comfort therapy can be a great away to lower stress, boost confidence, feel more empowered, and to make meaningful connections with others.

Cuddle Comfort-Therapy Potential Risks

However, there are risks associated with using cuddle comfort therapy websites and apps and it is important to be aware of them and to take steps to protect yourself if considering pursuing this new and exciting form of therapy.

These steps are also important for those looking to apply to become professional cuddlers as an additional income stream.

The main risks associated with cuddle websites and apps, as well as dating, social media, video streaming and meet-up sites in general, are that you are sharing private and very personal information with these platforms. If one of these websites was to be hacked then your information could be publicly exposed and potentially used against you.

Recommended Safety First Steps for Cuddle Therapy

At CuddleSafety, we think it is a good idea to connect via a Trusted VPN Service Provider when using a cuddle platform, dating app, or any other website or service online that handles your private data.

A trusted VPN service can ensure you remain anonymous, protect your private data and payment details, shield your IP address, as well as scan websites and files for potential viruses, malware and other threats.

You also get additional ad-blocking (and the prevention of ad-tracking) features included, which improves your user experience.

Sometimes there is even the issue of cuddle comfort therapy style websites being banned in public locations such as colleges, libraries, public wifi networks, and even some countries and regions as a whole. A VPN Service can sidestep any banning and blocking issues like this by routing you via their own servers, with the ability to chose the geographical region of your IP address.

Who Uses Cuddle Therapy Websites?

Now, back to the cuddles 🙂

Cuddle comfort therapy is actually used by a very diverse group of people from all walks of life.

Here are the common types of people that make use of professional cuddlers and cuddle therapy applications:

  • Lonely People – some people can be very awkward around people and have severe social anxiety, and cuddle therapy can be a way to ease into more contact with others in safe, intimate, and non-judgemental environment. This can help build confidence that can be applied to all aspects of life and relationships.
  • After a Break Up – after experiencing the breakdown of a relationship, a cuddle session can help reduce anxiety surrounding this as well as help ease a way back into becoming intimate with others again to help with the recovery process.
  • Fear of touch – as well as social anxiety, some people have a fear of touching and becoming intimate with others and a professional cuddler can help to slowly make this less of a stressful association in your mind.
  • Social Skills – by getting used to being close and chatting with others, it can be an empowering experience that can lead to better social skills in personal life and also the workplace.

How To Use Cuddle Comfort Therapy Apps

To use a cuddle therapy app, the following steps are followed:

  1. Optional, but recommended, first step of connecting via a Trusted VPN Service Provider to maintain anonymity and to keep your details safe and secure.
  2. Go the the official website or app of your chosen Cuddle therapy platform and create an account
  3. Search your local geographical area for professional cuddlers as well as other members for free cuddle comfort session (there is also the option of filling out a cuddle comfort therapy application form to see how to be a professional cuddler yourself)
  4. Review the profile of listed cuddlers in your area and send a message to make contact
  5. Any bookings for paid professional cuddlers are made via your chosen website as they take a small cut to facilitate the transaction. Also be aware that many cuddle sites ban people if they try to bypass the app to make their own private bookings.

It is a very simple and straightforward process, but be sure to do your own research to verify the members you are interacting with. Always do your own thorough due diligence and let friends know about any meet-ups etc. for safety purposes.

Remain Safe & Anonymous With Cuddle Style Websites

Cuddle comfort therapy sites are a growing trend with people desiring more personal contact in a world that is becoming more and more digital.

There are numerous mental health benefits associated with cuddling, including reduction in stress & anxiety levels as well as improved human connection and relationships with others.

But with any website or app that facilitates meeting people in the real world, or a platform that uses your private data and highly personal information, it is is important to take your own additional steps to enhance your security and safety.

When accessing websites using a Trusted VPN Service Provider, you are able to hide your physical geographical location, protect your identity, remain anonymous, protect yourself from hackers and blackmailers, scan sites and files for threats, as well as block intrusive advertising and ad-trackers.